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Heart in Tech

We exist in a unified quantum field of energy, so to the extent that any aspect of the whole is not okay, the rest is not as okay as can be. Like an infected tooth affects the body.


The more aware we are of our interconnectedness, the more we will naturally be respectful, be more tolerant, be honest, helpful, and compassionate. It makes no sense to hurt another part of life. 'Collaborative Capitalism' becomes logical.


Tech is being used to manipulate our attention, which is the most valuable commodity in this realm. Why? When our consciousness observes and gives meaning to a potential in the quantum field it materializes as matter. It becomes reality. 


This is key to remember as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and trans-humanism emerges, because to the extent that we give our attention to our screens we are empowering technology to capture our attention and determine our 3D reality.


How do we remain viable as organic humans?


Simply be discerning about the time we are in our screens.


And don't dumb ourselves down. Simply be the radical, authentic, unique, energetic signature of our true nature, because we activate more of the organic technology in our quantum DNA, which is infinite. Technology such as A.I. can only ever be an imitation of the infinite. 


Let technology support us in our evolution by providing the next possible experiences of our interconnectedness and quantum capacities. Let's bring Heart to Life and to Tech.

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