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The Plane of Jane

Tech Entrepreneur. Thought leader. Inspirer. Alchemist.


Bringing heart to tech.
We are all interconnected on this blue globe, so it makes no sense to be hurtful in this unified field of energy that we call life, because if any part of life is not okay, the rest is not as okay as can be. Let's bring heart.

Jane Dudley
CEO and Co-founder,
a Mobile Metaverse Ecosystem for 3D internet Launching, Lumii, a crowd-sourced Augmented Reality World

Meet Jane

Jane Dudley is a tech executive, entrepreneur, and change maker who has become an expert at alchemizing the energy of limitations, and recycling them to materialize bold and audacious new story for your your life - with power and ease.

Jane's remarkable journey brought her from a rural town in Canada being brought up to obey generations of patriarchal indoctrination and told not work outside of her home as a mother of six, to forging beyond these limitations and 10+ years ago at almost fifty co-founding, Thrival, an Augmented Reality Mobile World for 3D internet.


Central to her radical liberation from hierarchy, including gender, is a 3-decade passion for quantum mechanics, resonance, and alchemy. This fuels her approach and commitment to bringing 'Heart into Tech' so the emerging 3D internet, Artificial Intelligence, etc., will foster well-being. She now shares her hacks for 'Quantum Leadership' & impact.  


Governments, heads of state, ambassadors, delegates, executives, and NGOs from more than 300 organizations in over 23 countries have called upon Jane's unique insights. Through consulting, speaking, and keynote engagements she has inspired and mentored thousands of people related to personal, entrepreneurial, and organizational  enhancement. She was invited to participate in the China/U.S. Global Forum; she initiated and spoke at a U.N. Panel Discussion at the World Summit on Children; and she co-produced such events as the International HIV/AIDS Conference in Kenya.


"My greatest challenge is being mother of six, and my greatest reward in life is that we all love and like each other."  - Jane


True Nature

Activate the organic quantum technology in our dormant DNA

Our hearts are designed to lead; our brains are simply the operating systems to facilitate. Our true power lies in expressing our true nature.

We want to be viable with emerging A.I. & trans-humanism? Simply be the authentic true nature of our hearts, our unique energetic signatures, & we activate the organic technology in our DNA, that is quantum (infinite). Our quantum capacities come online. Life recognizes us and alchemizes to the dance of our authenticity. We become quantum leaders in our living art installation we call life, and the quantum impact of our real-time masterpiece unfolds with power and ease.


The Mother Archetype
is an energetic plane
that is efficient and iterative, consistent and benevolent for all the 'children'.
It is trusted and respected.
It brings maturity to both the feminine and masculine energies, so hierarchy, including gender, and race, is irrelevant and alchemizes in its presence. It is a powerful state of being. It brings Heart to Tech.

We exist in a quantum playground of energy; what we imagine, focus on, and give meaning to materializes and expands as our physical reality.
What do we want to expand?
Focus there. 


I invite you to join me in Our Quantum Playground

People express their curiosity about my process of liberation & empowerment.

I am now honored to share my simple hacks to access quantum leadership & impact.


Neutralize the energy of limitations in life, in leadership and in business, and alchemize it into new audacious outcomes.


Let's have some epic conversations about quantum leadership & quantum impact; about feeling deeply & coping lightly.


Join us in Our Quantum Playground for a deep dive to a quantum leap. Epic conversations, interactive experiences & fun.

How can life get more beautiful?

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Ayesha Ophelia, TX

"Jane's mastery is reminding people how to ground big ideas into reality and reap the rewards. She distills complex ideas into poetry and has helped me reach new heights in my creative business.

Let's have some epic conversations

Explore your quantum capacities and possibilites.


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